To support the delivery of basic education through (special) programs, projects, and the provision of need resources to the Schools Divisions in order to create an environment conducive to learning and ensure learner readiness to learn through:

- School Health and Nutrition

- Education Facilities

- Special Programs and Projects


Specific Functions

a. Establish localized standards, structures, and mechanism to implement policies on management and implementation of special programs and projects that provide support to the delivery of basic education

b. In coordination with the FTA Division, provide technical assistance to the schools divisions as regards Project Proposal preparation for funding and other needs for education support services

c. Develop and implement advocacy strategies/programs to utilize resources generated by partnerships with education stakeholders

d. Facilitate the realization of the project and funding proposals of the School Divisions within the region

e. Ensure equitable distribution of resources in the schools divisions and arrive at recommendations for maximum utilization of the same

f. Coordinate mobilization of human, financial and material resources across the region

g. Oversee and monitor and provide technical assistance to the Schools Divisions in the implementation of the health and nutrition, physical facilities and special event programs in the region

h. Assess, evaluate the results of the special programs and projecs on learning outcomes and submit recommendations for management decision

i. Engage the regional office, stakeholders(as needed), and counterpart in the Schools Division Offices in planning, implementing, coordinating and monitoring activities related to Disaster Risk Management (DRRM), Education in Emergencies (EiE), climate change mitigation and adaptation.