Specific Functions:

  1. Manage the ICT System and infrastructure to effectively support operations, ICT-related plans and programs of the divisions/units within the region.
  2. Formulate and implement the ICT Plan as part of the REDP to effectively allocate the necessary ICT resources of the region to support regional strategy, operations, programs and projects.
  3. Develops and sustain partnerships with ICT service providers in the operationalization of the ICT infrastructure and the delivery of support services (e.g. internet connection).
  4. Adopt/adapt, and monitor implementation of ICT policies and procedures for strategic use of ICT
  5. In coordination with the Field Technical Assistance Division, provide technical assistance to the division offices as regards ICT
  6. Participate and communicate with Central Office and other ICT Units  across levels with regard to the implementation of national ICT and ICT-related program