Specific Functions

  1. Lead in the development of the regional education policy framework that integrates the local context
  2. Lead in the development of the Regional Education Development Plan (REDP) and maintenance of the Regional Education Planning System
  3. Facilitate the formulation of plans, policies, standards and guidelines based on data and research findings within the region.
  4. Lead in the maintenance and updating of the Management Information System
  5. Lead in the preparation/updating of the Regional Education Development Plan (REDP) and the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) of the Region
  6. Provide technical assistance to all RO divisions and RO -TA teams in the preparation of quarterly action plans that are aligned with the AIP of the Region and utilized QA and M&E results
  7. Provide guidance to the regional office in the utilization of the EMIS for planning and decision-making
  8. Quality assure the processes for regional data management (collection, validation and processing)
  9. Serve as the clearing house for regional basic education data/information;
  10. Prepare regional statistical reports that will support regional policy, research and plan development;
  11. Generate and disseminate timely, accurate and relevant basic education statistics to both internal and external stakeholders (e.g., CSOs, RDC);
  12. Lead in the development of the regional research agenda to guide the conduct of research by the functional divisions.